Monday, October 5, 2020

Something Wicked This Way Comes


His Royal Highness

    Hello boys and ghouls, it's Spooktober! I've decided to keep with my undead for this month as it only seems fitting. This week, I've been working on another hero for my Legions of Nagash, albeit a rather more bloody than the Wight Kings. I've been wanting a faster Vampire Lord to keep up with some of my cavalry and other beasties, but the one-winged vampire model is kinda doofy in my opinion. The Abhorrent Archregent, on the other hand, is a wonderful model, and Ghoul Kings used to be Vampire Lords before Flesh-Eater Courts were a thing, so I figured, what the hey. 

Presenting Lord Albrect Holst, the Beast of the Ossified Forest:

    I worked real hard on the gradient on his claws, then promptly covered them up with blood. Oh, well.

 I remember a blurb in one of the army books about some Strigoi Ghoul Kings being little more ravening beasts who slake their thirst on living and dead equally, so I added an unfortunate zambie from the Crypt Horror kit to break up the base a bit. I think he adds some good colour contrast to the pale skin of the Strigoi.

A bit of gold to show off. He is a Lord after all.

    I'm very pleased how his skin turned out. I paint my vamps very pale and usually use a purple wash to get that "bloodless" look, but I wanted Albrect to be more bestial, so I used a thinned down Agrax wash instead. I think it makes the red of the blood and wing membranes pop. 

    Thanks for looking, that's it for this week. Next time I'm going to have some more Wights, no kings, but rather their bodyguard, Grave Guard.

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  1. Love the pale skin! It's still a beastly model but gains something otherwordly or spectral with the contrast of bright skin and blood red.